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Activity Kits & Toys

The Prefect gift & Loved by children and trusted by parents, these award-winning creative activity kits give kids the materials to craft and design their own toys, costumes, and beyond! Add some of our Personalised Gift Wrap to complete your gift.

Personalised Teddy Bear Keepsake Gift

Teddy Bear


Persdonalised-Lion-Unicorn-Comforter-Snuggle-Blankie attachment-368432 attachment-303432 attachment-303433 attachment-303434

Lancelot Lion ,Stardust Unicorn & Bunny Comforters


Softies attachment-303129 attachment-303054 attachment-303053 attachment-303052

Florence Flamingo, Lancelot Lion, Celeste Unicorn & Sylvie Swan Toys


Handprint Kit attachment-166120

Baby’s Handprint in a Tin


17CADAW-4 attachment-307868 attachment-307867 attachment-307866 attachment-307865

Magical Hero Dress Up Cape – Create Your Own


Out of stock

Plush Bunny Baby Gift with Name & Birth Details


PM12346-3T attachment-307874 attachment-307876

Glow in the Dark Wild Horses


Personalised Plush Bunny, Lamb, Hedgehog, Bear Baby Gift with Name & Birth Details attachment-361497 attachment-361496 attachment-361494 attachment-361493

Plush Bunny, Lamb, Hedgehog, Teddy Bear Baby Gift with Name & Birth Details


16DMAQU_Make-Your-Own-Aquarium_Lifestyle_1_1200_1024x1024 attachment-301506 attachment-301505 attachment-301504 attachment-301501

Disney’s Finding Dory – Create Your Own Aquarium


16DCOLD_CircleOfLifeDrum_finished2_1024x1024 attachment-301496 attachment-301494 attachment-301497

Disney’s The Lion King – Circle Of Life Drum


kit-collection-design-your-own-headphones-punk-rock-2_1024x1024 attachment-301335 attachment-301330 attachment-301337

Design Your Own Headphones – Punk Rock


My_Butterfly_Mask attachment-166076

Make Your Own Butterfly Mask


Visual Arts Diary attachment-166108

Visual Diary


Make your own ballet doll attachment-176021

Make Your Own Ballerina Doll


15MORRR_My_Rockin_Soft_Bot_Finished_1024x1024 attachment-301434 attachment-176026

Make Your Own Robot


Out of stock
Junior_Doctor_Kit_Kids attachment-176017

Junior Doctors Kit


Fairy Wand attachment-166112 attachment-301431

Make Your Own Fairy Wand


Seedling-DYO-Ice-Princess-Crown-Finished_1024x1024 attachment-301428 attachment-301429 attachment-176034 attachment-301430

Make Your Own Ice Princess Crown


Seedling-DYO-Superhero-Mask-Finished_1024x1024 attachment-165882 attachment-165881

Make Your Own Super Hero Mask


Seedling-CYO-Dragon-In-Progress_1024x1024 attachment-166006 attachment-166007

Design Your Own Dragon


Out of stock
Yoyo Kit attachment-301427 attachment-165998

Design Your Own Yoyo


Good Things Kit attachment-166123

Good Things for Busy People


Hand_Powered_Torch attachment-166151

Hand Powered Kids Torch


Jump Rope Elastic attachment-166176

Let’s Play Elastics Jump Rope


Seedling-Yo-Ho-Ho-Pirate-Hat-Finished-2_1024x1024 attachment-301420 attachment-301418 attachment-176030

Yo Ho Ho Make Your Own Pirate Hat


kit-collection-rocketship-that-zips-1_1024x1024 attachment-301389 attachment-301391

Rocketship That Zips


Out of stock
17RCMAN_Royally-Cute-Kitty_Lifestyle_1_1200_1024x1024 attachment-301388 attachment-301385 attachment-301384 attachment-301386 attachment-301394

Royally Cute Kitty Toddler Playset


pocket-money-collection-rock-out-drum-stick-pens-1_1024x1024 attachment-301381

Rock Out! Drumstick Pens


Ready_to_Grow_Dino_Egg_Package attachment-166130 attachment-166133

Ready to Grow Dinosaur Egg


PM12277_My-Little-Dinoworld-Components_1024x1024 attachment-301379

My Little Dinoworld – Dinosaurs in a Jar


kit-collection-make-your-own-snow-globe-1_1024x1024 attachment-301316 attachment-301317

Make your own Snow Globe


PM12285_Magnifying-Bug-Box_Component_1024x1024 attachment-301377

Magnifying Bug Box


kit-collection-illuminate-the-night-design-your-own-glowing-light-globe-1_1024x1024 attachment-301374 attachment-301373 attachment-301376

Illuminate the Night! Design Your Own Night Light Globe


floral_fantasia_glitter_cards_product_1024x1024 attachment-301371

Floral Fantasia Glitter Cards


kit-collection-diy-virtual-reality-viewer-the-dark-side-2_1024x1024 attachment-301364 attachment-301365 attachment-301367

DIY Virtual Reality Viewer – The Dark Side


16DDYHB_DesignYourOwnMagicalHairBrush_finished_1024x1024 attachment-301357 attachment-301358 attachment-301355

Disney’s Tangled Design Your Own Magical Hairbrush


16DDEFC_DesignYourOwnEnchantedRoseCrown_finished_1024x1024 attachment-301353 attachment-301354 attachment-301351

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast – Design Your Own Enchanted Rose Crown


16DDMHH_DesignYourOwnMadHatterHat_finished_1024x1024 attachment-301346 attachment-301348 attachment-301341 attachment-301350

Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass – Design Your Own Mad Hatter Hat


16DDTPS_DesignYourOwnTeaPartySet_finished2_1024x1024 attachment-301349 attachment-301342 attachment-301347

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland – Design Your Own Tea Party Set


pocket-money-collection-dino-fossils-in-a-jar-3_1024x1024 attachment-301338 attachment-301336

Dino Fossils In A Jar


16DCFPB_CreateYourOwnFlowerPressBook_progress_1024x1024 attachment-301333 attachment-301329

Disney’s Beauty And The Beast – Create Your Own Flower Press Book


Seedling-DYO-Sunnies-Finished_1024x1024 attachment-301325 attachment-301326 attachment-301327

Design Your Own Sunnies


kit-collection-design-your-own-marble-maze-3_1024x1024 attachment-301322 attachment-301318 attachment-301320

Design Your Own Marble Maze


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